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Love Gambler


Made by Elin

The guy is just the fuckin cuteness.

Yeah, I'm talking bout my date. It was a lot of fun. I think everything went really good.
We had fun.But I don't know what he thought about me... but I have a good feeling, yet I'm worried somehow.

I hate it when you don't know what people think about you although you need and want to know so bad. Everything would be so much easier if I could read the mind of people.
Maybe he hated me and I don't even know. Maybe he wanted to hug with and get closer. If I could've read his mind I could've acted the way and we might be a couple now... or the other way I could've left earlier and never talk to him again.. haha

But that's just me. I hate being unsure about those kinda things.

Guess I just gotta wait, huh?

At least I know that he has at least as much porn on his computer as I do. When he opened his media player I've seen it. haha. I don't think he knows.

Be there for my guys. Wish me luck.

30.10.06 00:14

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