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I'm going on a date on Sunday, October 30th.

Not an xxx-date this time. A real one. With a really nice guy. I'm quite excited.

First we wanted go to park and fly a kite... well that's still our plan if the wheather is alright.
Later he told me his pancakes were amazing and so we started planning on a pancake dinner after flying the kite. Suddendly Micheal (name changed) asked me what I like to drink and about other food I like.
So he got really into that idea and now it seems we're going to have a huge picknick with lots of things. Of course I'm gonna bring something as well. I hope he'll like it. Haha... Yeah I'm nervous but I'm glad he cares.

If the wheather won't treat us so well we're going to have an indoor picknick and we'll watch lots of Tim Burton movies. He's got some good ideas.

Wish me luck and I tell you how it went.


27.10.06 13:53

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