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I decided to make a gay blog for all you out there.. since I have no one to talk about my feelings and thoughts I thought writing about it helps.. maybe some people will read this and give me some advices.

I'm from Germany and 1x years old. My name is Victor.. or that's what I call myself.

Something happened tonight and I need to express myself about it.

Usually I'm the love-kinda person. You know ~ I prefer to fall in love with people before I sleep with them. But as a matter of fact I've never slept with someone before and I hardly fall in love.
Anyway. Tonight I was simply horny. I needed to lose some pressure and so I decided to go on an xxx-date with someone. I was nervous but the guy I met turned out to be really nice. He was.

So we drove to his appartement and it was quite nice.. he offered me something to drink and we watched TV. Later he kissed me and we started to get things going, if you know what I'm talking about. Well so I was lying in the bed of a guy I didn't know at all and were thinking "What the hell am I doing here?"
We didn't to anything except kissing yet.. so I asked if I could use his bathroom and of course he would let me go.  I got up, went past the bathroom, into the living room, put on my clothes and shoes, went to the door and then I only saw myself running. Downstairs, outside.. I ran along the street and looked back a couple times. He didn't follow me. I felt kinda dirty although we didn't do anything.. my next stop was Mc Donald's were I calmed down myself with a Sunday.


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