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Recently lots of (gay) guys told me I should join a gay-lesbian youth group.

I'm just wondering. Why should I?
I can't stand stereotypes. I just wanna be myself and how should that work with joining a gay-lesbian youth group. I don't think there are things as heterosexual youth groups.
Why wouldn't you join a gay youth group you might ask. Well, because the major thing me and the guys will have in common is that we all like dicks.
Woooow! I don't like to define myself that way. I mean I want that everyone gets accepted in this world. I want it for gay, I want it for us. But I don't think we can do it with rainbow-flags and the Christopher Street Day anymore. It's enough with being provocative. If we don't want stereotypes anymore people have to stop wearing ass-free leather pants and tight net-shirts.

That's what I think. How about you?

And here's a nice video I found

 (wish someone would say that to me haha):


13.11.06 17:35

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